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Livestock farming and market gardening in Laos' Khammouane Province

Helping the authorities in Khammouane Province identify opportunities for socioeconomic development (livestock farming, rice, agroforestry, market gardening)

In partnership with PAFO-DAFO and the provincial- and district-level farming and forestry services

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Khammouane Province lies between Vietnam and Thailand. It features spectacular mountainous terrain along the Ha Long Bay, but most of the province's districts are poor—such as Xaybouathong—despite the fact that the area's biophysical environment offers plenty of potential for development.

The region has not yet lived up to its potential because smallholders there lack the training and technical skills needed and have few resources to invest, which limits their ability to expand their production capacity. Plus, local animal-health services for livestock farmers are insufficient; there is a need for more staff and greater operational capacity.

AVSF and PAFO-DAFO are working together to improve the situation. They have identified four key areas, which have been approved by the smallholder communities:

  • Crop farming: rice growing and market gardening
  • Livestock farming: raising pigs and poultry
  • Natural-resource management: adding value to non-timber species
  • Community development: improving capacity for supplying inputs, increasing the value of production and promoting the socioeconomic status of women.

The challenge over the medium term will be creating intra- and inter-district synergies between the different biophysical environments and determining the right farming systems and production and marketing conditions in order to optimize current trends.

The project launched in 2012 and is funded by the Rhône-Alpes region.