Make people live off
the Land sustainably

Helping young rural smallholders in central Haiti get off the ground

Promoting a variety of economic initiatives proposed by more than 160 young smallholders from the Central Plateau region of Haiti (cane processing, goat production, market gardening).

In partnership with the local communities, Mouvement Paysans de Papaye, Petits Frères de l’Incarnation, VETERIMED, and the Ecole Moyenne de Développement de Hinche

For the past few years, young people and smallholders from around the town of Hinche in Haiti’s central plateau region have had access to agricultural training offered by Mouvement Paysans, Petits Frères de l’Incarnation, VETERIMED (local NGO), and the Ecole de Développement de Hinche.

Within the framework of a program run by the European Union, the French Development Agency, and the Haitian Ministry of Agriculture, AVSF has helped COOPECLAS (a savings and local-credit bank) and the organizations and institutions mentioned in the previous paragraph to add modules to these training programs that focus on management and the creation of economic projects. AVSF has also helped them put in place an innovative mechanism for helping young people get started in an agricultural or extra-agricultural activity. This mechanism includes the extension of medium-term credit at a subsidized rate, subsidies, and technical assistance.

In a preliminary test phase in 2012, the project helped 132 young smallholders get set up. They invested in banana production, market gardening, goat farming for meat, cow farming for milk, broiler chicken farming, egg production, and ironworks facilities. These investments led to promising results, enabling the young smallholders to generate a considerable amount of income. Funding from the European Union for a second three-year phase is currently under negotiation.