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Testimonial: Guillaume Jouet

Secretary and Delegate General of the Bel corporate foundation

What is the mission of the fondation Bel?

The Bel Foundation was created in 2008 and serves the well-being of children. We wanted to expand our daily responsibility by working to support those who are most vulnerable and who are the inheritors of a changing world. The Foundation’s mission is therefore to support initiatives, both in France and throughout the rest of the world, for improving child nutrition, a factor that often plays a key role in ensuring a brighter future for children.

Our Foundation is also a source of mobilization for our staff members. Each year, grants are awarded to our employees to help them bring to life local projects focused on children, thus encouraging them in their engagement in long-term activities for solidarity.

Why do you support AVSF's activities?

The AVSF program that we are now supporting for the second year in a row corresponds with our ambition to support associations working on the ground whose activities create a new and lasting dynamic for the people they serve.

What convinced us to support AVSF was the association’s work in assisting families and its thorough understanding of the local communities. AVSF helps communities achieve greater independence and become drivers of their own development.

How does your collaboration with AVSF tie in with your mission?

Our Foundation began working with AVSF in 2010 on a project aimed at improving nutrition for nearly 1,500 nomadic Malian children, ages 0 to 5, in northern Timbuktu. Mali is one of the poorest countries in the world and has a high rate of child malnutrition.

Our collaboration with AVSF is absolutely in line with our Foundation’s mission, which has been defined from the outset by several bold and very concrete axes such as reducing child malnutrition, creating school gardens and market gardens, teaching children and teenagers how to maintain a balanced diet, etc.

AVSF’s program in support of nomadic populations in Mali therefore ties in well with the Bel Foundation’s mission: reducing the rate of child malnutrition by means of prevention, screening, and early treatment of malnutrition; teaching good eating habits to nursing mothers; and creating market gardens that will help to ensure a balanced diet for children.