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Testimonial: Jaume Mas

Technical Director of the Teixidors textile company

Can you tell us about Teixidors?

Teixidors is a Spanish brand and a leader in the high-end textile industry. At Teixidors, we use traditional techniques to facilitate the development new trends, and our company is often lauded for its style, originality, and quality, which are an inspiration to other well-known brands.

Teixidors was established in 1983 as part of a mission for social improvement: to give people with learning disabilities the opportunity to develop an expertise in working with hand looms. Mission accomplished: our employees’ dedication and desire to normalize their lives through this work has enabled each of them to become true specialists. Today, Teixidors’ 40 employees possess a wide array of skills in areas such as quality assurance, creation of styles, and production.

At Teixidors, we also support sustainable development. We limit our energy consumption by using manual looms, provide traceability for all materials, and offer our customers the option of using plant dyes for certain product lines.

What made you decide to work with Mongolian yak fiber?

We produce two different models of shawl, each half-composed of natural baby-yak fiber. Our down comes from the Coopérative « Ar Arvidjin Delgerekh » of yak farmers in the Khangai Mountains of Mongolia. The preservation of traditions coupled with AVSF’s health and management techniques helps to show development as a positive and sustainable process that utilizes resources respectfully and embodies positive values. With the help of AVSF, the nomadic yak farmers within the Cooperative have perfected the technique of manually harvesting yak down with a comb. Our creations are produced using yak fiber from one of Cooperative’s approved partners, so the source is always clearly identified.

Do you foresee a long-term partnership with this Mongolian cooperative?

The qualities of the down produced by this Cooperative and the values that it defends perfectly fit our definition of a good partner. This Mongolian Cooperative is unique in that it: is owned entirely by its farmers, carries out activities that focus on both the present and the future of its members, professionalizes them, and establishes measures for preserving the ecosystem that help to improve the quality of their production and maintain their yaks in perfect health. The Cooperative operates transparently according to a philosophy of fairness, considerably increases the income of its farmers, and is the only cooperative that exports in the spirit of a sustainable supply chain.

What more can I say! These principles suit our projects well. It’s what our clients want and what increasingly-demanding consumers have come to expect. Despite the great geographic distance that separates us from this Cooperative, we still have very similar philosophies.