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Alpaca farming in Cusco, Peru

Helping 225 alpaca-farming families improve their quality of life by selling alpaca fleece and meat, and by strengthening their farmers' organization

In partnership with the APU PACHATUSAN alpaca-farmers' association

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This project aims to boost the income of 225 alpaca fleece and meat producers in the Cusco region, by helping them improve their technical and marketing skills.

AVSF has organized projects to help the farmers:

• improve the way they produce and process their products, for greater added value
• band together and group their sales to increase production volumes
• recuperate 1,000 hectares of natural pastureland to improve the food supply for their herds at altitude
• collect rainwater, for watering 1,000 hectares of pastureland using organic techniques
• control and prevent diseases among their herds at altitude
• obtain certification so they can sell their alpaca fleece on the fair-trade market through the COPECAM co-op.

AVSF has helped small-scale alpaca farmers improve their technical skills and production capacity, coordinate more easily with markets and add more value to their products by integrating technology into their processing techniques. AVSF has also helped strengthen and improve the management of the APU PACHATUSAN co-op—which is now called Agricultural Alpaca Co-op of the South (Cooperativa Agraria Alpaquera del Sur).