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Testimonial: Pierre Mathevet

Veterinarian, Merial Business Opérations France, Director of Ruminant and Equine Activities

What is Merial mission?

Merial is a worldwide leader in animal health industry. We offer a full range of medications and vaccines for improving the health, well-being, and performance of many different animal species. With nearly 6,000 employees and a presence in over 150 countries throughout the world, we are a privileged partner of both veterinarians and government organizations. Merial is a major actor in the international fight against major animal diseases.

Why do you support AVSF?

Merial has always been involved with the veterinary profession, particularly by supporting many different projects for the improvement of animal health. AVSF, France’s chief veterinarian NGO, is a ”natural” partner for us. In addition to our common roots in Lyon, we both share ambitious objectives:

  • protecting both Man and animal by strengthening the capacities for preventing, monitoring, and combatting zoonoses and high-impact diseases,
  • improving the health, well-being, and performance of animals,
  • working with public authorities over the long term,
  • recognizing and enhancing the veterinarian practice,
  • supporting a long-term vision of development.

Finally, solidarity is very important to us. It is one of the fundamental aspects of our partnership with French veterinarians.

How does your partnership with AVSF tie in with Merial's mission?

AVSF and Merial teamed together in order to come up with a practical and useful project focusing on prevention and training.

We are supporting a project in Cambodia that is being carried out in the towns of Sdao Korng and Snuol (in the commune of Speu Ka), in the district of Baphnom, in the province of Prey Veng. Merial’s areas of expertise (vaccination, parasitism, combatting zoonoses) are being utilized in many different animal species (dogs, cattle, birds, and pigs) in the towns where the project has been implemented. The project aims to significantly improve both animal health and production and to reduce the risk of zoonoses within these towns. The project also promotes preventative and biosecurity measures to reduce the inherent risks of traditional livestock farming.

We are happy to be working alongside AVSF in this solidarity-based initiative, which is a concrete example of our commitment to support animal health and public health.