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Preserving nomadic livestock farming in Mongolia

Dr. Hervé Petit, veterinarian and head of AVSF's "Livestock farming, animal health, and veterinarian public health" program

Why has AVSF been working in Mongolia for the past ten years?

Since the fall of communism, nomads in Mongolia have had many difficulties selling their production and continuing to live off of livestock farming. This situation, which has been aggravated by the country's very harsh climate and the effects of climate change, is putting the nomadic culture and the way of life at risk. And yet, the nomadic way of life is the system that is best suited to this difficult zone. AVSF is therefore working to support these people in the hopes of preserving their heritage.

What can be done to preserve nomadic livestock farming in Mongolia?

There are three major things we can do to improve the living conditions of livestock farmers:

  • improve the management of the different components of livestock farming, such as the herds themselves (herd size, composition, health and zootechnical qualities) and the natural resources that they need to thrive (pastures, water);
  • help the smallholders more efficiently turn their production into revenue, by connecting them to new and/or more lucrative outlets (yak fiber, meat, etc.) and by putting in place solid supply chains;
  • improve their structure and representation within Mongolian society so that they can participate in drawing up national livestock-farming policies.

What is AVSF doing to work towards this objective?

We are organizing training sessions and awareness-raising sessions for the various issues mentioned above. In doing so, we are providing strong technical support for innovative, income-generating activities (combed yak fiber, market gardening, etc.) and concrete activities for improving the health of the livestock. For example, we are carrying out an activity in a pilot zone for treating brucellosis and another activity whereby we are introducing selected reproducers. AVSF also works with partner livestock-farmer organizations in order to help them operate autonomously and democratically. We want these organizations to be able to influence authorities at both the local and national levels.

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