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Advocacy work to better defend smallholders

Jacques Togo, regional coordinator for AOPP/Mopti in Mali

What are the principle missions of your organization?

The AOPP helps organize small producers in Mali so that they can hold their own against the government and foreign investors. Our organization seeks to promote family farming as a means of ensuring food self-sufficiency over the long term. There are currently 210 smallholder organizations (unions, cooperatives, grain banks, smallholder organizations for joint development) from eight different administrative regions in Mali that belong to our organization.

Why did you participate in this training program for advocacy?

To try to have a greater influence in the socio-economic environment of AOPP/Mopti and to reach a wider audience in order to get political actors to consider the views of our organization when they make their decisions.

What have you gotten out of the program?

The training program gave me a better understanding of advocacy and helped me to see it more simply. It also enabled me to better understand the nuances between advocacy and lobbying. I thought that the group tasks on given topics were extremely important in helping us master the tools needed to develop a real advocacy strategy that is well structured and backed by solid arguments.

How do you think you will apply the tools that you acquired during this training program?

For us, adopting this approach means: combining and prioritizing our activities and experiences, and trying to identify the means that will enable us to put in place an advocacy activity for influencing political decision-makers.

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