Make people live off
the Land sustainably

Efficient smallholder cocoa co-ops in Peru

Boosting production and helping smallholder co-ops in San Martin, Tumbes and San Alejandro improve their administrative and commercial operations

In partnership with smallholder co-ops and associations in Peru

Des coopératives paysannes de cacao performantes au Pérou Image principale

The project serves 300 producers in San Martin, 300 in Tumbes and 157 in San Alejandro.

The producers have access to the following services through their smallholder co-ops:

  • Training: training for producers and technical assistance to help them grow higher-quality cocoa beans
  • Production: greater productivity and increase in amount of land certified for production
  • Sales: higher volume of sales and exports and opening of points of sale for smallholder products both locally and regionally
  • Management of loans with financial entities for working capital and soil fertilization on smallholder plots