Make people live off
the Land sustainably

Testimonial: David Meneses

Executive Officer of the Air Liquide Foundation

What sort of work does the Air Liquide Foundation do?
The Air Liquide Foundation was founded in 2008 and has three missions. It supports scientific research in the field of environmental protection, to help preserve our planet's atmosphere. It also supports scientific research to help improve human breathing. And lastly, it supports micro-initiatives for local development in the countries where Air Liquide Group operates, in fields such as education and training, disabilities, micro-entrepreneurship, the environment, access to water and energy, etc. What all these micro-initiatives have in common is that they help improve the living conditions of the local people. Over the past 10 years, the Air Liquide Foundation has supported more than 280 projects in 50 different countries.

Why do you support AVSF?
The Air Liquide Foundation first teamed up with AVSF in 2011, as part of a project to promote beekeeping in the Apodi region of northeast Brazil. We also supported AVSF in a project to develop biogas in Senegal in 2013, and in a project to promote fruit production for smallholder families in Brazil in 2014.
AVSF is able to carry out high-quality projects because of their multidimensional approach, which takes into account the environmental, economic and social context of each rural community. AVSF's work has a visible impact, which is a testament to the association's extensive experience and local-development expertise.
Working to reduce poverty and exclusion while supporting people in the world's poorest areas are commitments that the Air Liquide Foundation and AVSF both share. It's always a pleasure to work with AVSF on these projects.

How does your work with AVSF tie in with your mission?
The work we do with AVSF ties in with our mission to support local development. The Air Liquide Foundation supports projects that help improve people's well-being, that have a strong focus on the local community and that will have a lasting impact. These are all characteristics that AVSF's projects have. The projects in Brazil and Senegal have a long-term focus and have already had a positive impact on the living conditions of rural families. AVSF was awarded for the importance of its initiatives and the quality of its work at the 2016 Air Liquide Foundation Awards Ceremony, receiving the AWARD FOR SOCIETAL INNOVATION.