Make people live off
the Land sustainably

Combatting vulnerability in northern Mali

Helping families vulnerable to food insecurity boost their income by increasing their production capacity and helping them reach their crop and livestock farming potential through irrigated bourgou production and poultry farming

In partnership with VSF Belgium, ICD and ADESAH

Relèvement économique et social au Nord Mali Image principale

Mali has been hit by a number of security, climate and nutrition crises since 2012. AVSF's work in the northern part of the country—Mopti, Timbuktu, Taoudenni and Gao—aims to: ensure that the local communities have access to human and animal health services; improve production capacity and provide training so that the poorest households can have access to more nutritious foods; and invest in social (access to water) and business (commercial space) infrastructure.

This project focuses specifically on the towns that are struggling the most in terms of food security and the poorest households within those towns. Mali is currently undergoing a period of volatile insecurity and growing poverty as a result of drought and armed conflict.

The project provides direct support to about 45,000 people.

This project received support from the European Union.