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Organic Certification Preparation Manual

Editors : AVSF
Authors : Chotard Anaïs
Laroche Karine
Year : 2022

Organic Certification Preparation Manual
For producers organisations

This guide is specifically intended for Producer Organisations (POs) located in countries outside the European Union (EU), as well as for AVSF’s technical teams working with them.

Its objective is to describe the different stages of organic certification, and to highlight the difficulties that can be encountered, in order to anticipate and plan as well as possible this process which can bring a lot to producers and their organisations but can also be full of pitfalls! 

Contributors to this guide include: Moussa Barro, Anaïs Chotard, Pierre Du Buit, Paulin Hyac, Idrissa Ndour, Guillaume Parizet, Romain Valleur and Barbara Guittard.