Make people live off
the Land sustainably

Testimonial: Jacqueline Delia Bremond

Vice-President of Fondation Ensemble

What is the mission of Fondation Ensemble?

Fondation Ensemble’s mission is to work for sustainable human development by all possible means. We give highest priority to areas where relief is most urgently needed such as access to water (which 800 million people lack) and sanitation (which 2.6 billion people lack), but sustainable farming also plays an extremely important role in the fight against desertification and hunger in the world. In addition, our mission encompasses protecting the planet against climate change by encouraging the use of renewable energy. Conserving plant and animal biodiversity is also important for the future of mankind on this living planet. That’s why Fondation Ensemble supports projects in all of the areas mentioned above, with preference given to projects having multiple benefits.

Why did you decide to support AVSF in Peru?

AVSF’s project in Peru is focused on sustainable water and land management. It is a perfect example of the type of cross-disciplinary project with multiple benefits that we strive to support. Initially focused on water, the project branched out to facilitate the development of low-flow irrigation systems, limit soil erosion, improve harvests, create plots for growing fodder, develop livestock farming, increase revenues by creating a cheese dairy, promote agro-forestry, reintroduce forgotten ancestral practices, and protect and reforest uncultivated land. It was an incredibly comprehensive project, and structurally it met all of our criteria.

AVSF was awarded Fondation Ensemble’s Grand Prize in 2011. What does this award recognize?

Our Board of Directors awarded the “Fondation Ensemble Grand Prize” to AVSF for all of the reasons mentioned in the previous paragraph, plus one other very important reason: the road from making a promise to actually following through with it can sometimes be a bumpy one; the outcome is never set in stone. Our experience working with AVSF, however, was smooth from start to finish. AVSF kept all of its promises and even performed a post-project evaluation to confirm the sustainability and replicability of the project. The Board of Directors therefore wanted to reward this project, which embodies the values and vision of Fondation Ensemble, with the hope that this award will also encourage other institutions to support AVSF’s activities.