Make people live off
the Land sustainably

Smallholder dairy production in southern Senegal

Strengthening the capacities of 1,000 male and female Vélingara livestock farmers in terms of the production and sale of milk; strengthening the processing capacities of small dairies.

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Since 2000, AVSF has been helping pastoral livestock farmers in the Vélingara region improve and increase their milk production. The farmers now grow and store fodder, which enables them to feed their animals year round with high-quality fodder. Strict rules have been put in place to ensure sound hygienic practices from the milking stage to the collection and transportation stages. The training of veterinary assistants has made it possible to offer animal health services locally and organize vaccination campaigns.

Once the basic product was improved, AVSF encouraged the livestock farmers to team up and form a dairy cooperative. This type of organization enables livestock farmers to earn a stable income year round. Families are therefore able to cover their regular expenses: basic necessities, schooling, medical care, and clothing.

A value-added cooperative

AVSF worked with the brand-new cooperative to help it increase its added value by processing fresh milk into butter, curds, and yogurt on site and then selling the products directly to customers. Various services were also made available to members: supplying of food and veterinary inputs, provision of seasonal credit, etc.

The video below is an interview with Marc Chapon, manager of AVSF's activities in Mali. Marc retraces the history of the LAROGAL cooperative.