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Supporting smallholder farmers in their fight against climate change

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Small-scale livestock farmers: primary victims of climate change

The VSF Europa collective (to which AVSF belongs) is carrying out a three-year European campaign focused on small-scale livestock farming and global warming. VSF Europa supports small-scale livestock farmers because they are less dependent on fossil fuels and because they play an important role in improving the food security and well-being of their communities.

The campaign is promoted in Europe by VSF Belgique, SIvtro, and VSF république Tchèque and is funded mainly by the Commission européenne.

There are many different types of livestock farming systems, ranging from large-scale intensive farming to small-scale family farming. These systems differ greatly from one another in terms of the amount of energy and inputs that they utilize, their level of integration in food supply chains, and their social, economic, and environmental impact. Small-scale livestock farmers therefore cannot be accused of emitting greenhouse gases to the same extent as large-scale intensive livestock farmers.

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