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Companies and Foundations

Businesses can help overcome environmental and social challenges too!

Not everyone has equal access to healthcare, resources and jobs. Overcoming such inequalities requires long-term projects adapted to local circumstances. AVSF works with more than 80 local partners to carry out 60 projects in 20 different countries—serving more than 700,000 people! Many companies share the same values as AVSF and are looking for ways to step up their efforts in terms of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development. AVSF believes that by teaming up with companies and foundations, these challenges can be overcome.

Why support AVSF? And how?

> Promote the values and missions that are important to your business;
> Enhance your company's image and build team chemistry among employees;
> Support the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The following goals are particularly important for the smallholder families and organizations AVSF works with: SDG2 "Zero Hunger", SDG8 "Decent Work and Economic Growth" and SDG12 "Responsible Consumption and Production";
> Claim a tax deduction. 

Whether you're interested in becoming a sponsor or marketing cause-related products, come join the long list of companies and foundations that support our cause!

For all requests concerning sustainable sourcing, please contact Anaïs Chotard

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Crédit Coopératif Logo Crédit Coopératif

Crédit Coopératif is a cooperative bank serving players in the socially responsible economy. The bank supports the growth of entities in the social economy, co-ops, corporate groups, associations, mutual insurance companies and, in general, all organizations working for the common good. The bank also has a growing number of individual clients who are eager to support the project.

Crédit Coopératif is the preferred banking partner of AVSF and has been recognized as a socially responsible company since 2008. Through its socially responsible investing, Crédit Coopératif helps finance AVSF’s projects in developing countries so that AVSF can respond efficiently to requests for funding from its partners in the South. In 2012, Crédit Coopératif chose AVSF to be the beneficiary of the solidarity share of a bond—an innovative tool that it uses voluntarily.
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Crédit Coopératif

Ethiquable Logo Ethiquable

Ethiquable is a co-op specializing in fair trade, founded in 2003 in France's Gers department. Ethiquable defends smallholder farming by offering small-producer co-ops a lever for growth: a fair-trade network that is both demanding and adapted to their needs. 

AVSF and Ethiquable both believe in the importance of supporting smallholder farmers and smallholder-farmer organizations in the South, and they have established a strong partnership as a result. In France and Europe, they work together on projects to defend a fair-trade model for smallholder organizations. In the South, AVSF and Ethiquable pool their skills and expertise to support several smallholder co-ops and organizations in Latin America, Haiti, West Africa and Madagascar.
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Merial Logo Merial

From 2013 to the end of 2016, Merial Business Opérations France supported a project to put in place biosecurity and preventive-treatment measures for 105 livestock-farming families in rural Cambodia. Merial and AVSF both shared ambitious objectives: to protect people and animals by improving the prevention, monitoring and treatment of animal disease, and to recognize and promote the veterinary profession.

Watch this video to learn more about the AVSF project that Merial supported in Cambodia

ORKEO Logo Merial

A lab specializing in pharma R&D—and AVSF have a lot in common. Both are dedicated to promoting animal health. ORKEO has teamed up with AVSF to help develop the local milk supply chain in southern Senegal, by focusing on a network of five small cooperative dairies in the Vélingara department. ORKEO will also provide expertise on the ground to teach the farmers about milking hygiene and how to prevent mastitis.


Sogea Satom Logo Merial

Several years ago, Sogea-Satom launched a program called Initiatives Sogea-Satom pour l’Afrique (ISSA). The program encourages entrepreneurship by supporting micro-businesses and co-ops that help create jobs and boost income locally. In 2014, Sogea-Satom supported AVSF through its project to expand the organic and fair trade production of cacao in Togo. Together, they helped build four cacao fermentation and drying units for the Atsemawoe union of coffee and cacao producers. The project has helped 1,300 cacao-producer families boost their income and improve their living conditions, in a region where competition on the cacao market is particularly intense.
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E. Leclerc (watch video) and the veterinary distribution organization Alcyon have also supported AVSF's work. 

Corporate foundations

Fondation Air Liquide Logo Fondation Air Liquide

As part of its mission to support micro-initiatives that benefit local communities, the Air Liquide Foundation first teamed up with AVSF in 2010. It has supported two projects in Brazil: one to promote beekeeping in the Nordeste region (which is suffering from desertification), and the other to promote fruit production for smallholder families. In 2013, the Foundation supported an AVSF project in Senegal to develop biogas, an alternative energy that is an important lever for social and economic development in the rural communities of the Ferlo region. In January 2016, the Foundation presented these two projects with the Award for Societal Innovation, which recognizes local-development initiatives.

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Fondation ALSTOM Logo Fondation Air Liquide

The Alstom Foundation seeks to promote environmental-protection initiatives. In 2016, the Foundation supported a program to help 250 rice producers and their families in Ecuador incorporate agroecology techniques into rice cultivation. The goal of the project is to improve the resilience of the vulnerable people affected by the flooding in the Daule River basin. Thanks to the Alstom Foundation's support, the producers now receive agroecology kits and are trained in sustainable farming practices, such as organic-compost production and crop diversification. The project's longevity is ensured by observing which practices work best and sharing them with local actors. That way, the best techniques will continue to be used, and the impact will be much greater over the long term.

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Fondation Bel Logo Fondation Bel

After helping prevent and treat child malnutrition in northern Mali, the Bel Foundation is now helping AVSF develop small local dairy supply chains. After first launching in Haiti, the project was expanded in 2016 to include southern Senegal, where five small cooperative dairies belonging to the Nafooré Biroobé union are developing their business. The goal is to boost their production, processing and sales capacities and to promote the local dairy supply chain. This initiative is in line with the Bel Foundation's mission, because it gives families better access to fresh and high-quality local products, and improves child nutrition.

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Rabobank Foundation Logo Rabobank

The Rabobank Foundation comes from a tradition of cooperation and working together, as embodied by Rabobank. The Foundation seeks to improve living conditions in the world's poorest areas. It is active in the Netherlands and throughout the world, providing financial assistance and technical support. The Foundation helps small farmers in the South become financially independent. The Rabobank Foundation has been a partner of AVSF since 2005, helping strengthen producer organizations in Peru, Ecuador, Haiti and Senegal through micro-lending, providing funding for AVSF’s projects and sharing its expertise with smallholder co-ops.
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Rabobank Foundation

Fondation RAJA-Danièle Marcovici  Logo RAJA

The RAJA-Danièle Marcovici Foundation seeks to promote the independence and improve the living conditions of women throughout the world. It supports projects relating to education, training, social and professional insertion, women's rights and the prevention of violence. Since 2006, it has helped emancipate countless women by supporting AVSF in Haiti, Guatemala and Brazil. From 2015 to 2017, it supported roughly 400 grain and market-gardening producers in northern Togo to help boost yields and improve food security. Thanks to the Foundation's work, women have become more independent and gained greater recognition.

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AVSF has also received support from: the Macif Foundation on a project to promote natural resources in Bolivia, and the Yves Rocher Foundation for participating in reforestation efforts in Haiti as part of the Plantons Pour la Planète ("Let's Plant for the Planet") program.

Private foundations

Fondation Humus  Logo Fondation Air Liquide

Fondation Humus supported AVSF's project in Mongolia to develop a sustainable cashmere supply chain in order to help sustain the lifestyle of nomadic livestock farmers in the Bayankhongor province.

Learn more about Fondation Humus


Fondation Progreso  Logo Fondation Progreso

Since 2010, the Progreso Foundation has been supporting AVSF's project to promote the organic and fair-trade production of cacao in Togo, in order to boost the income and improve the living conditions of 1,300 families. In 2016, the Foundation extended its support for three more years to help sustainably improve the food security and economic diversification of the farms of these producers in Togo.

Learn more about the Progreso Foundation

Fondation Ensemble Logo Ensemble

From the outset, Fondation Ensemble has been supporting AVSF in sustainable-farming projects. In the Nam Phak River drainage basin in Laos, the Foundation's support helped improve the food security of 35,000 people and boost the capacities of local actors. In Ecuador, this support helped improve the living conditions and boost the income of 1,000 families (70% women) thanks to agroecology and the direct sale of goods on local markets. A total of 3,000 consumers now have access to healthy, high-quality products.

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Fondation Pro Victimis Logo Ensemble

The Pro Victimis Foundation supports AVSF's work in Guatemala to help the indigenous Ixil people and defend their lands. Thanks to these efforts, 200 indigenous authorities receive support in exercising their rights and promoting their governance through dialog and peaceful conflict resolution; 200 young people are involved in community initiatives, working directly with these authorities; 300 smallholder families are reintroducing ancestral agroecology techniques to ensure the sustainable management of natural resources and the food sovereignty of the Ixil communities.

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AVSF received support from Fondation de France to revive farming (reviving the cacao and coffee supply chains, planting mango trees) in Haiti after Hurricane Matthew. AVSF would like to thank the Baar Foundation, the Firmenich Family Philanthropic Foundation and the Anton Jurgens Fonds Foundation for supporting our work in Haiti, Madagascar and Togo.