Several ways to get involved

Are you for an agricultural model that enables producers to earn a decent living while helping preserve the planet and protect animals?

Are you looking to support a cause that will have a real and lasting impact?

There are many ways you can get involved to help AVSF promote smallholder agroecology!

Make a donation

When you donate to AVSF, you are helping provide sustained support for 162,000 smallholder families in the Global South and becoming part of a community that is committed to supporting the future of our planet and humanity.

Gift money or other assets

Take action today to help overcome the challenges of tomorrow. By choosing to gift your money or other assets to AVSF, you are helping secure the future for generations to come.

Set up a kitty

Want to support AVSF in a simple and effective way? Encourage your family and friends to support our work by creating a kitty for solidarity!

Become a member

As an AVSF member, you will be involved in the life of our organisation by helping define AVSF’s strategic orientations and decisions.

Become a volunteer

Volunteer at our stand at events, help raise awareness at schools, organise film-screening and discussion events, etc. Get involved in your local community by joining our network of volunteers!

Stay informed

Taking time to stay informed is also a way to get involved! Keep up to date with our news and projects, and share our messages with others.

Work with us

Put your skills to use serving rural development in the Global South alongside over 250 professionals throughout the world.