Make people live off
the Land sustainably

The MOABI Group

The "MOABI Group" is more than 450 professionals, men and women, combining their expertise for a sustainable and equitable development of the territories and the promotion of a social and solidarity economy.

October 1, 2016 at the Jardin d'Agronomie Tropicale de Paris site, three non-governmental professional organizations, AVSF and two of its long-standing partners in Latin America - CESA Ecuador, PROGRESO Peru - and the TERO expertise cooperative of which AVSF is a member founder gave birth to the "AVSF Group" which has become today "MOABI Group". These four entities from the North and the South, independent but complementary in terms of trades and geographies, are all committed to serving family and peasant farming. More than 450 professionals, men and women, unite their expertise for a sustainable and equitable development of the territories and the promotion of a social and solidarity economy.

The “MOABI Group”: extended and complementary areas of expertise

Faced with the drifts of exclusionary agricultural production models, degraders of resources and highly dependent on fossil energy, the entities of the "MOABI Group" all want to act in the service of an ecological and social transition which is essential for a completely different model. growth. Thanks to entities with diversified statutes (association, foundation, cooperative company), and present in different geographies, the “MOABI Group” constitutes a set of skills and resources for innovative methods of action:

Identification, formulation and implementation of rural development programs enhancing the international contacts of the members of the GROUP and the links with private economic operators;
Provision of services and expertise at national and international level;
Creation of social enterprises to provide accessible services to rural organizations and communities;
Finally, studies, publications, representation and dialogue with the public and private sector.

  • The structures brought together within the MOABI Group share values, philosophies and means of action within a charter.


Agronomes et Vétérinaires Sans Frontières
AVSF is a French professional association for international solidarity and technical cooperation in rural development, recognized as being of public utility in France, which has been working since 1977 to support peasant agriculture. AVSF provides farmers' organizations with the skills of nearly 300 agriculture, livestock and animal health professionals. AVSF is a member of the VSF International network, the Initiatives Group (France) and the Euro African Inter Réseaux Développement Rural network. In France, it has developed structured links with economic operators in the fields of trade in agricultural and livestock products.

PROGRESO is a private Peruvian non-profit association, created in 1991, which promotes capacity building, the implementation of practices favorable to the protection of the environment and the creation of economic opportunities, aimed at improving access to markets and food security for organized peasant families. Its 30 professionals have developed emblematic and recognized experiences in Peru in the creation of peasant businesses in the social and solidarity economy on the marketing of quality products (coffee, cocoa, fruits, sugar, cane, etc.).

CESA is an Ecuadorian non-profit foundation created in 1967. Since then, CESA has supported agrarian and rural development processes with peasants and indigenous people and their social organizations. CESA strengthens their management and impact capacities in their territories and at the national level. With more than 80 professionals and a continuous presence in 9 provinces of Ecuador, CESA is one of the most recognized private professional organizations in Ecuador. She was a pioneer in the creation of a social seed enterprise, serving rural organizations.

Tero -
A consultancy firm established as a cooperative society of collective interest (SCIC), TERO offers its skills to contribute to the North and the South to sustainable and equitable development of the territories. Its 50 associate experts constitute a unique pool of skills and experience. They enable the mobilization of an extensive network of resource people and locally established partners, including other allied design offices, in various cooperation countries and in France.