Become a volunteer

Get involved in your local area

Becoming a volunteer means taking part in our work to defend the rights of the most vulnerable smallholder families and promote the smallholder farming model, which is beneficial for the planet and its inhabitants.

You can get involved in a number of different activities:

  • Help out at our stand at public events
  • Raise awareness at schools
  • Lead café debates
  • Organise events for people to share their experiences: post-mission lectures
  • Spread the word about AVSF’s work throughout France by becoming a correspondent
  • Assist us with our administrative and communications activities

Have ideas, projects or suggestions? Tell us about them!

Meet our local correspondents


Jean-François LAMOUREUX,
Vice President of Association Life

Volunteer opportunities


We are looking for volunteer translators with the following languages: French, English, Spanish, Portuguese.

Our volunteers translate the following types of documents: strategy reports, press releases, financial-management documents, and documents on specific topics (smallholder farming, agroecology, livestock farming, fair trade, etc.).
The documents range in size from 3 to 20 pages.

E-mail your CV to Camille LE DORZE, and be sure to specify your working languages and availability.

Other ways to get involved

Become an AVSF member

To participate in the institutional life of our organisation.

Make a donation

A way to sustainably support 162,000 smallholder families in the Global South.