Elected representatives and bodies

AVSF’s Board of Directors meets four times a year and comprises 22 individuals who are elected by our organisation’s members at the general meeting. The Board works closely with our executive and technical staff, and is responsible for defining our main strategic orientations – subject to approval by members at the general meeting – and for ensuring that our organisation is managed sustainably.

B Dufour

Barbara DUFOUR
Veterinary doctor, professor emeritus of contagious diseases and epidemiology at Alfort national veterinary school

Bureau members

Jean-François Lamoureux
Architect, former vice-president of Action Contre la Faim

Elisabeth Muller
Former AVSF administrative and financial director

Dominique Lebreton
Farmer, former regional Confédération Paysanne representative to CESER (economic, social and environmental council), former president of Confédération Paysanne for the Loire-Atlantique department and former vice-president of the Chamber of Agriculture for the Loire-Atlantique department

Alain Yvergniaux
Economist, former business executive, strategy and organisation consultant. President of Ethicajou (AVSF mandate)

Hervé Petit
Veterinary doctor and former head of AVSF’s Livestock Farming, Animal Health and Veterinary Public Health unit

Michel Prost
Agricultural economist, former director of a federation of cooperatives

Hugues Vernier
Former head of “agriculture/food” and coordination of the Biovallée strategic and operational project for the Val de Drôme community


Other members of the Board of Directors

Amélie Bajolet
Agronomist and president of the Bee Friendly label

Moussa Baldé
Local development engineer, AVSF employee and representative in Senegal

Cécile Bérut
Agricultural economist and consultant

Patrick Caron
Veterinary doctor, researcher at CIRAD, vice chair of CGIAR’s board of directors, director of the Montpellier Advanced Knowledge Institute on Transitions (MAK’IT/MUSE), chair of Agropolis International

Marc Chapon
Engineer of agricultural techniques for warm regions, AVSF employee and representative for Togo and Benin

Camille Cluzeaud
Agronomist, employee of the Bee Friendly label

Loïc Coisnon
Former regional director at Crédit Mutuel, corporate auditor

Philippe Collin
Farmer, former spokesperson for Confédération Paysanne

Guy Durand
Agricultural economist, honorary professor of economics and rural development at Institut Agro Rennes

Olivier Faugère
Veterinary doctor, specialist in livestock farming in warm regions and veterinary public health, former director of the French National School for Official Veterinarians, former director of “France Veterinary International”

Jacques Loyat
Honorary general engineer of agricultural engineering for water and forests

Xavier Peyrache
Economic consultant

Daniel Roche
Agricultural engineer, former director of the Esitpa school of agricultural engineering, agricultural training instructor and specialist in agricultural and rural development

Christian Taupiac
Ranger and agricultural economist, specialist in rural development in developing countries

Jean-Michel Thomas
Agricultural engineer, honorary professor of agronomy at Institut Agro Dijon

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