Make people live off
the Land sustainably

AVSF's Expertise

AVSF offers a wide range of skills and a network of proven experts.


For over 35 years, AVSF has been carrying out development projects in support of its Southern partners in 20 countries in Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia and Africa. AVSF utilizes the experience it gains through its work on the ground to provide services and expertise via complementary activities.

Through its work on the ground, AVSF has developed a network of experienced and proven professionals and partners. Expertise is provided by:

  • AVSF’s professionals on the ground (more than 80 proven technical professionals);
  • experts from a highly skilled network that AVSF can call upon in Europe and in the South: AVSF's partners, independent experts, researchers and professor/researchers, etc.

Overview of AVSF's Services and Areas of Expertise

Managing rural development projects:
identification, design, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, impact assessment

Technical and methodological support/advising and expertise:

  • technical management of agricultural and agro-forestry systems; agro-ecology; sustainable joint management of water resources and of forest and agro-sylvo-pastoral areas; adaptation to climate change and climate variability;
  • development of small-scale livestock farming; implementation of animal health systems where the public sector, private sector, and livestock farmer organizations all play a role; organization of veterinary services;
  • professionalization of smallholder organizations in local and international supply chains for crop and animal products; quality certifications and policy; fair trade and development of short supply chains.

Institutional support:

  • institutional development and capacity building in the management of smallholder organizations and support institutions; organization of networks for exchange between professionals and smallholder organizations in the North and the South;
  • development of concerted sectorial policies between government authorities, local authorities, and smallholder organizations: support for local planning (development plans).

Administering training for crop and livestock farmers, leaders of smallholder organizations, managers, technicians and elected representatives of local communities, etc.

Studies and diagnosis:
agrarian systems, vulnerability to climate, markets and supply chains, economic initiatives, organization of veterinary services, epizootic impacts, organizational diagnosis