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AVSF's Association

Founded in 1977, AVSF is a non-profit association made up of volunteer members. AVSF has been officially recognized for its public utility since 1996.

AVSF is approved by the Comité de charte pour le don en confiance (Charter Committee for Donations Given with Trust) and depends upon the generosity of the general public in order to independently carry out its mission for international solidarity. AVSF was awarded the Forum des solidarités’ “Prix de la transparence associative” and has received the Haut Conseil à la Coopération Internationale’s “Prix de la coopération international” three times for its work on the ground. AVSF’s accounts are audited annually by an auditor and are submitted to the Official Journal.



The Board of Directors

AVSF’s board of directors is responsible for developing and implementing the association’s orientations and strategies, ensuring that the association’s activities are carried out properly, and managing the institution in a sustainable manner. The board’s 22 members are elected at the Annual General Meeting.

The Bureau:

  • Philippe COLLIN: President - Farmer, former spokesperson for Confédération Paysanne
  • Michel PROST: Vice President - Agricultural economist, former director of a federation of cooperatives
  • Barbara DUFOUR : Vice President in charge of Relations with the Animal-Health Sector - Veterinarian, professor of contagious diseases and epidemiology at Alfort veterinary school
  • Jean-François LAMOUREUX: Vice President of Association Life - Architect, former vice president of Action Contre la Faim
  • Élisabeth MULLER: Treasurer - Former AVSF administrative and financial director
  • Jean-Michel THOMAS: Secretary General - Former professor of agronomy at AgroSup Dijon
  • Amélie BAJOLET: Secretary General - Agricultural engineer specialized in crop protection

Board of directors:
  • Patrick CARON: Veterinarian, researcher at CIRAD, international director at Montpellier University of Excellence (MUSE), president of the High Level Panel of Experts of the United Nations Committee on World Food Security (CFS)
  • Guy DURAND: Agricultural economist, professor emeritus at Agrocampus Ouest
  • Olivier FAUGERE: Veterinarian, specialist in farming in hot regions, former director of "France Vétérinaire International"
  • Claire JARRIGES: School teacher, involved in the development of AVSF’s association-life work for over three years
  • Dominique LEBRETON: Farmer and advisor from the regional economic, social, and environmental council (CESER) to the regional Confédération Paysanne
  • Jacques LOYAT: Honorary general engineer of agricultural engineering for water and forests
  • Alexandre MARTIN: Agricultural economist and engineer, involved in agricultural policies within the central administration
  • David MILLET: Agricultural economist, former national coordinator of AVSF Haiti
  • Xavier PEYRACHE: Economics consultant
  • Daniel ROCHE: Agricultural engineer, former leader of professional agricultural organizations and responsible for training aimed at the development and professionalization of the agricultural world.
  • Jeanine SOCHAS: Former director of an association for local and social development in the Beaufortain region of the Savoie department
  • Christian TAUPIAC: Forest ranger and agricultural economist, specialist in rural development in developing countries
  • Hugues VERNIER: Head of agricultural initiatives for a local authority – Coordination of the Biovallée strategic agricultural and rural-development project (Drome department)
  • Alain YVERGNIAUX: Economist, former business executive, strategy, and organization consultant, director of the international think tank Global Local Forum

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