Short supply chains supported by AVSF

Experiences and lessons

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Année : 2023

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Numerous projects implemented by AVSF and together with farming families and their organisations, as well as other private and public players, have led to the development of short supply chains as defined by the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty: “a method of marketing agricultural products which is carried out either by direct sale from the producer to the consumer, or by indirect sale, provided that there is only one intermediary”.

Various different short supply chains have been promoted and supported in the Andes, Brazil and Venezuela, Central America, Haiti and Senegal: direct sales to consumers at open-air markets; sales at public institutional markets; sales of baskets of produce inspired by the French experience of inspired by the experience of the French Agricultural Support Associations (AMAP – Association pour le Maintien de l’Agriculture Paysanne); sales in specialised shops and dedicated kiosks run mainly by the farmers’ own organisations; and farm sales.

This document, based on past and current projects, aims to capitalise on the results and lessons learnt from AVSF’s many experiences and the scattered and insufficiently exploited bibliographical resources produced. It is part of the association’s efforts to contribute to agro-ecological transitions and the sustainability of food systems, which are at the heart of current and future challenges facing populations and political decision-makers of southern countries, as well as the community of technical and financial actors involved in development cooperation.

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